Office of Student Safety

Lost & Found

If you find lost items

Send it to the Office of Student Safety fill out the lost and found form if no one claims the items within 6 months the person who find the items can claim it or give the items to the university the person who find the items will be honored and awarded at the end of every semester.

If you want to check whether your lost items are found

Please go to the Lost and Found section of our website and click the bar of Lost Items or you can go to the Lost and Found Board on our website and write down the details about the items you lost.

To retrieve your lost items

Bring your student ID card, ID card or other documents that can prove your identity with you (we will get a copy of your ID card for future reference) fill out the Lost and Found form retrieve your lost items.


All procedures are regulated by the NCHU Regulation for Lost and Found Items.