Health and Counseling Center

Counseling Services

Individual Counseling

Do you want someone to keep accompany you when you feel depressed or helpless facing difficulties in life? Our counselors are willing to accompany you to find better solutions to your problems and promote self-growth.

You have to aware something about individual counseling

  • Application Method: Please come to us to make reservation, or you can make a reservation by calling us.(Tel:04-22840241#6)
  • Counseling Time:In general, a 50-minute session is conducted once a week.
  • Individual counseling room:We provide Individual counseling room for your talking, and you won’t be interfered.
  • Free Service:Counseling service is free to the staff and students of Chung Hsing University.
  • Members:Through assistance of the professional psychiatrists and counselors hired by the Center, we’re able to face perplexing and conflicting questions in life with you.
  • Your information in counseling is confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone. Confidentiality is reserved in the following two circumstances:Imminent risk of self-harm, suicide, or abuse of others;Information disclosure is required by law, e.g. child welfare law.
  •  (Detail counseling rules will be announced in Individual Counseling Consent Form)

Groups & Workshops

The Center hosts different groups and workshops each semester, such as Stress coping and adaptation strategies, Interpersonal Relationships, Career Development, exam anxiety, Emotional Awareness…

Through the groups and workshops help one view things from different perspective, grow and discover ways to problem-solve.


We invite all faculty/staff/student in NCHU to participate in mental health promotion activities. Our center will provide assistant by professionals when you referral someone who have physical and psychological adaptation problems, danger of harming himself and others, or serious disorder in life.