Division of Overseas Chinese Students Affairs

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The Office of Overseas Chinese Students aims to serve as a bridge for overseas Chinese students in their communications with others at the university. Strategic planning of affairs regarding overseas Chinese students Assistance in the studies and development of characters to overseas Chinese students so that they will have sound characters and professional expertise Assistance in overseas Chinese students' social events and activities so that they can develop leadership and face challenges.


Huei Sun Hall 3F

Staffs & Services

Chief Wenrong Timothy Tsay Ph.D. Associate Professor
Duties General Management
Contact TEL:04-22840243; 04-22840668#704
Clerk Huang Hsiao-Yu
  1. Alien Residency Visas:
    After the enrollment, the office of Overseas Chinese Students will help students to apply for an ARC. This will legally permits the students to stay in Taiwan during the course
  2. Entry/Exit Permits:
    For those students who need to return to their country of origin, during winter breaker summer break and anytime during the school session, the Overseas Chinese Service Division will apply for Entry/Exit Permits on behalf of the students.
  3. Student Aid Applications:
    The Office of Overseas Chinese Students, depending on the current policies from the Ministry of Education, will assist Overseas Chinese students from low-income families, in applying for financial aid to ease their financial hardship. This is done after enrollment.
  4. Scholarships for Overseas Chinese:
    At the beginning of each academic year, the Overseas Chinese Student Office will handle scholarship applications for overseas Chinese students.
  5. Work-Study Programs for overseas Chinese students:
    • In order for low-income overseas Chinese students’ to obtain a means to meet the needs of their daily expenses, the Office of Overseas Chinese Students on the basis of work-study quota provided by the Overseas Chinese Students Committee will approve students for work-study programs.
    • Students must apply through the Overseas Chinese and Foreign Student Affairs Office for off campus work-study.
Contact TEL:04-22840243 Ext 31
Officer Hsu Chiang-Mei
  1. Socialized Health Care for Overseas Chinese
    The Office of Overseas Chinese Students will handle medical insurance, Overseas Chinese Medical Insurance and Socialized Health Care for Overseas Chinese students.
  2. Association and Club Guidance:
    The Office of Overseas Chinese Students will counsel and assist the Overseas Chinese Association, the Overseas Chinese Union and students from various areas to organize various activities.
Contact TEL:04-22840243 Ext 32