The Central-Taiwan Oversea Compatriot Students’ Festival [sharing]


I am Michael Huang, a second year student of business administration in NCHU. At 8am on Sunday, all of the oversea compatriot students of NCHU arrived at the front of the school’s administration building to meet up and get ready for the Central-Taiwan Oversea Compatriot Students’ Festival at Ming-Dao University.

Ming-Dao University has an amazing campus with beautiful buildings and clean environment. The day of the Oversea Compatriot Students’ Festival also happened to be Ming-Dao University’s anniversary celebration; we saw lots of oversea compatriot students brought their performances to the stage and lifted the atmosphere to a climax.

Ming-Dao University’s anniversary celebration performance was one of the most memorable moments during that day. The university prepared a prize draw for the students participating and a lot of oversea compatriot students from NCHU, including me, got a prize from the draw.

Even though the weather was very hot on that day, we still enjoyed the performances and the beauty of the campus. We bought lots of delicious treats to fill our cravings during the carnival. Ming-Dao University’s anniversary celebration along with the Oversea Compatriot Students’ Festival merged all the oversea compatriot students from different countries in Central-Taiwan and we know we are not alone.

Overall, the festival was a great success. The passion and the sense of community made us feel just right at home, and that, warmed our heart. We deeply thanked them for their effort on the successful and enjoyable festival.

Thanks to Michael Huang, for giving us such a wonderful experience.

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