Announcement on Epidemic Measures of Students Dormitory Occupancy for 111th Academic Year (for Freshmen and Existing Students)

1) According to the Ministry of Education's “Guidelines of Accommodation Epidemic Prevention for Higher Education Students”, parents, manufacturers, and visitors will not be allowed to enter dormitories unless necessary. According to the regulations of the school, non-resident students are not allowed to stay in the dormitory without permission.

2) Due to the small size of the dormitory, parents and relatives will not be allowed to enter the dormitory during the 111th academic year (including new and existing students) in order to avoid the risk of cluster infection due to crowding.

3) Students should take a COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test the night before check-in and make sure it is negative, after that take a photo with your R.O.C.(Taiwan) Resident Certificate and the test kit result, to identify your state and check-in dormitory. If the result is positive, you will not be admitted to the dormitory, and you will be allowed to return to school and dormitory after the quarantine in accordance with the school’s epidemic prevention regulations. If a student cannot show the test kit result on the day of check-in dormitory, student must purchase a COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test and use it at the planned area. If you are tested negative, and you can move in; if you are tested positive, you are not allowed to check-in and let your parents take you back. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

4)  If you need any assistance with some other special situations, please contact:

Male Dormitory Service Center 04-22840473

Second-Village Service Center 04-22840166

Female Dormitory Service Center 04-22840612