Grievance Application and Handling Processes for On-Campus Gender-Related Incidents

  1. Applicant/Complainant submit an application to the university where the alleged offender is employed or enrolled.
    ★ Application form: Application for Investigation into Sexual Assault, Harassment, or Bullying Incident / Report on Campus
    Description: In the event of a gender-related incident on campus, students may seek assistance from their department, the Office of International Affairs, or the Office of Student Affairs. If they consent to do so, they may assist in reporting the incident to the police or submit a grievance application for gender-related incident to the university, in which case the above Application Form must be filled in and submitted to the NCHU Office of Student Affairs.
  2. The department receiving the form is required to report to the grievance division of the NCHU Gender Equity Education Committee within 3 days. Note: A filed grievance is rejected if (A) it concerns matters not prescribed in the Gender Equity Education Act; (B) the applicant / complainant did not state his/her real name; and (C) the same incident has been handled.
  3. Procedure for launching investigation into an accepted report: Interview the parties involved and any witnesses. Note: If an interpreter is needed, the parties involved may employ their own interpreter or request one with the Gender Equity Education Committee in advance.
  4. At the end of the investigation, the Gender Equity Education Committee presents an investigation report or suggested actions (counseling for applicant; disciplinary action against the offender, gender equity education, counseling and guidance, among other disciplinary measures) to the university or competent authority.
  5. After receiving the investigation report or suggested course of action, the university or competent authority shall put forth a disposition or turn it over to the pertinent authority for a decision within two months, and notify all parties involved of the results.
  6. Should the applicant or offender disagree with the results, either party may apply in writing with grounds for reapplication within twenty days from the date of receipt of the written notification. The aforesaid reapplication may be made only once.
    ★ Application form: Request to Reinvestigate a Sexual Assault, Harassment, or Bullying Incident on Campus
    Authorization Letter for Campus Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment or Sexual Bullying Incident Application/Appeal
  7. After receiving request for reinvestigation, the university or competent authority shall organize a reinvestigation team. Should major flaws in the investigation procedure, or new facts or evidence that affect the investigation are discovered, a request for reinvestigation may be submitted.
  8. The university shall notify all parties involved of the final results and adopt the resolutions.
  9. When the University instructors, staff, or students become aware of a potential incident on campus of sexual assault, sexual harassment, or sexual bullying, they are to immediately notify the Office of Student Affairs (headquarters, the Student Safety Division or the Health and Counseling Center), and the Student Safety Division should report to the Campus Security Report Center, Ministry of Education. The report should be within 24 hours from being aware of the incident.
    ★ Application form: NCHU campus gender incidents report form

Applicable Laws