Counseling Q&A

Q1.What is counseling?
Psychological counseling is a purposeful meeting after you establish a cooperative relationship with a psychologist to help you gain more perspectives on the difficulties you are currently facing (including interpersonal relationships, academic adaptation, self-exploration, emotional relationships, family issues, etc.) , accompany you to find out the best coping strategy at present, and promoting self spiritual growth.
Q2.How long and how many times does it take for counseling?
The counseling secession is held once a week for 50 minutes each time, 6 times maximum and can vary according to the situation of personal distress. You can discuss with your psychologist whether to end your counseling in advance. There is a 2 times limitation of appointments to apply for individual counseling services per semester.
Q3.In what circumstances do I need psychological counseling?
When you find that your current life has been seriously affected, also start showing the following condition/symptons which are more than you can handle. You can use psychological counseling services to assist you overcome those difficulties.
1. Physiological condition: sleep disturbance, loss of appetite or overeating, and other physical discomfort caused by mental distress.
2. Mental state: often feel irritable, depressed, powerless, anxious, etc.
3. Changes in life: frequent absences from school, interpersonal alienation, drastic changes in daily routine, or no longer interested in things that were originally interesting.
Q4.Can I make an appointment for a psychological counseling at any time?
Our Counseling service is on an appointment basis, you can make an appointment online. The opening time of the counseling appointment system will be announced on the center website every semester, and online applications can be made during the system opening hours. Please noted that during the winter and summer vacations, the consultation and counseling services are for crisis cases first, and online appointment services are temporarily closed until vacation ends.
Q5.How can I seek assistance if an emergency crisis occurs during non-office hours?
On-Campus Resources
  • Student Safety Counseling room(24-hour): 04-22870885
Off-Campus Resources
  • Taichung City Third Branch Police Station (24-hour): 04-22224477.
  • Ministry of Health and Welfare Hotline (24-hour): 1925.
  • Taiwan Lifeline International Hotline (24-hour):1995。
  • Teacher Chang hotline:1980。
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Q6.I have completed the counseling appointment application, how long will I need to wait?
After you apply for individual counseling appointments, the center will have to carefully evaluate your situation to match you with a suitable psychologist. Due to the large number of applicants for individual counseling services and limited resources, it is difficult to estimate the waiting time and your patience will be appreciated. If there is any emergency situation, you can use the emergency psychological consultaion service from Monday to Friday from 8:30-11:30/13:00-16:30
Q7.Can I specify which psychologist to consult with?
Based on the information, avliable time and topic/issue you provided, the center will conduct a careful evaluation and match you a suitable psychologist.
Q8.What should I do if I want to change the psychologist during the counseling session?
If you feel that there is a gap between the ongoing counseling process and your expectations, it is recommended to respond and discuss this feeling with your current psychologist. Because the goals formulated by the psychologist are not the same, it is not recommended to change the psychologist frequently.
If you want to change the psychologist, you must end the session with the original psychologist first. It takes about 7 working days for the administrative process before you can apply for individual psychological counseling online again. There is a limit of 2 times for individual counseling services per semester.
Q9.What can I do when I want to end a counseling?
You are the protagonist in the counseling process. If you think that your current predicament has been effectively improved during the counseling process or you feel that it does not meet your expectations for the counseling, it is recommended that you report it to a psychologist for further discussion, and conduct close meetings if necessary .
※Please note that if the case is not closed, you cannot re-apply for individual psychological counseling services in the system