Division of Student Life

Division of Student Life

Student Group Insurance


Students who are enrolled in NCHU and pay the insurance fee.


Within two years after the accident happened.


  1. Prepare application document.
  2. Send the document to the Division of Student Life or entrust someone to apply for you.
  3. The insurance company receive the document.
  4. The insurance company verify the document.
  5. The insurance company notify people who need to submit more document for the application.
  6. Insurance company transfer the benefit to your account if they pass the application.


Hospitalization, surgery, clinical treatment for accidental injury (excludes clinical treatment for illness), disability, death, serious illness and severe burns and scalds.


Students who are on suspension or who defer graduation should pay insurance fee within the deadline after the school semester begins. Students who do not pay the insurance fee within the deadline should be responsible for the consequences.


All procedures are regulated in NCHU Student Group Insurance Regulation

Document needed to apply for benefit

Application document
Medical benefit Disability benefit Disability subsidies Death benefit Non-hospitalized bone fracture benefit Serious illness benefit Severe burns and scalds benefit
Insurance benefit application form
Certificate of diagnosis      
Receipt of medical expenses            
X-ray film of fractured bones            
Copy of cover of the bank/ post office passbook
Personal information protection agreement
Disability certificate of diagnosis            
Certificate of life            
Examination report or pathology report            
Death certificate or other related certificate            
Transcript of household registration cancellation certificate            
Inheritance tree diagram            
Data matching agreement