Establishment History

Student military training originated from Taiwan's traditional excellent education system of the combination of civil and military, and is an important part of Taiwan's educational culture.The Ministry of Education has stipulated that military training for students is a compulsory subject for students above the high school level. The purpose is to:

  • 1. Invigorate the national spirit and inspire students' patriotism
  • 2. Enrich students' military knowledge and realize the integration of civil and military education
  • 3. Cultuvate students' martial arts for the country
  • 4. Cultivate students' good habits and noble morality
  • 5. maintain the peace of campus and the students' safety

According to the above mentioned, military instructors uphold the spirit of hard work, sacrifice and dedication, and the brother's heart; by using military training , enbrave the national spirit , inspire patriotism, enrich military knowledge, impact martial arts, and cultivate team spirit; and through life counseling, Cultivate students' noble morality, develop good living habits, helps students to exert their independence, balance body and mind, application by hands as well as brain, and grow healthily; use the example of military instructors themsealves, the spirit of loyalty and responsibility to demonstrate and influence students by example, and acquire the sentiment and courage of soldiers, temperament, cultivate young people who are virtuous, and keep abreast of the dynamics on duty 24 hours a day, maintain the tranquility of the campus and the safety of students, so students can learn and enrich their knowledge in a peaceful and peaceful environment.

These actions are aimed at cultivating outstanding young people who have both civil and military skills also both skills and morality, that is, the essential function of military training for national education.

Military training education is based on the Ministry’s military training laws, military training practices, school principles and actual conditions. The annual military training teaching plan is formulated before the beginning of each school year, and the curriculum benchmarks, distribution, teaching grouping, pre-class trial lectures, and lesson plan writing are completed. And they are implemented according to the schedule.

Life counseling is the focus of discipline work and an important part of military training. Its main purpose is to help students develop their personal values and independent spirit, grow up soundly, behave uprightly, behave in an orderly manner, and become the backbone of society and the country. The only belief of all my instructors is to serve the students, the school, and the parents. With love, patience, and perseverance, to counsel and help my students, solve their problems, ease their uneasiness, approach, understand and help them, so as to achieve counseling. The goal is to open up a bright road for young people and cultivate talents for our country.