Notices on the Safety of Off-Campus Accommodation

Rental Information Site

  • This information is purely of a service nature and for your reference only. We do not recommend any landlord or work with any landlord. Students are advised to practice caution when viewing off-campus accommodations.
  • A landlord does not charge students agency fee. If you have been charged an extra fee, call us (at 04-22870885) or visit our division (2nd floor of Huisun Hall) to protect your rights and interests.
  • Note:
    • You must check that the person with whom you are signing the contract is the landlord. You can verify their identity by asking for proof of property (improvement on land) ownership. If the person is not the landlord but the spouse or close friend of the landlord, you must ask them for a Power of Attorney; otherwise, your contract with the landlord will not take effect.
    • When moving into the house, you should inspect the furniture and appliances in the presence of the landlord. Take photos if there are any damages to keep as evidence and indicate clearly in writing who is responsible for the repair or that the damage is pre-existing.
    • Before signing the contract, it is advised to specify ways of terminating the contract in advance if needed.
    • Check whether the house is structurally safe and whether the place is fully equipped with firefighting, theft and disaster prevention and evacuation facilities.
    • Check if the property is located in a legal building or not. If you intend for the long-term rent, you should choose legal buildings.
    • Be wary of the safety of the surrounding areas. Avoid renting houses where nightclubs or similar industries are nearby. Make sure that the house is secure and fitted with anti-theft devices.