Division of Student Life

Division of Student Life

About us


The Division of Life Guidance consists of a group of wonderful people who always treat every student equally and make their best to help students in NCHU solve problems and difficulties they encounter. Our division is responsible for projects including student loan, financial assistance, tuition and miscellaneous fee exemption, fund for university students from low-income household, and student group insurance. With these projects, we hope that our students can focus on their studies without worrying about money. We are also responsible for matters such as guidance for freshman, graduation ceremony, awards, punishments and merits, student leave, and searching for lost items. Our division cares about students’ life a lot and we hope that students can learn and grow happily on campus. We believe that our simple and innovative system can help us provide a friendly and efficient service for our students.

Staffs & Services

Section Director Liu Kuo-Tsung
Duties General Management and supervision of Division of Student Life
Contact TEL:04-22840664
Officer Chen Chien-Chou
  1. Issues regarding government subsidies for studies
  2. Discounts or exemptions in tuitions
Contact TEL:04-22840224
Officer Tseng Chia-Ying
  1. Student loan
  2. Scholarships offered by NCHU
  3. Scholarships for living assistant (Ministry of Education)
Contact TEL:04-22840663
Administrative Officer Wang Wen-Chun
  1. Student leave of absence request
  2. External scholarship and grant application
  3. Student publication award
  4. Student group insurance
Contact TEL:04-22840661
Administrative Officer Shie Meng-Jiuan
  1. Scholarships for post-graduate students
  2. Awards to outstanding students of all the study years
Contact TEL:04-22840662
Military training instructor Liao Chih-Chiang
  1. Student Elite Awards
  2. Student Gold Key Awards
  3. Model students of Taichung City
  4. The Phi Tau Phi Scholastic Honor Society
  5. Outstanding graduating students
  6. Orientations for new students
Contact TEL:04-22840225
Military training instructor Chen Hsiu-Nien
  1. Graduation ceremony
Contact TEL:04-22840225
Janitor Chang Chung-Keng
  1. Deliver official letter and document
Contact TEL:04-22840224