Representative Reelection and Handover of Student Self-Governing Organizations and Associations (Announcement of 2022 Academic Year)

Student Associations Forms

Category No. Forms
General Applications 1-1 General Application
Revenue and Expenditure 2-1 Budget Request
2-2 Receipt List for Instructor
2-3 Revenue and Expenditure
Activity Outcomes 3-1 Activity Outcomes
3-2 Activity Feedback Form
Instructor 4-1 Sign in Sheet
4-2 Administrative Instructor
4-3 Technical Instructor
4-4 Compulsory Instructor
Venue/Site Please refer to the latest announcement of the venue/site for the venue regulation because of the severe and special infectious pneumonia.
5-1 Application From of Renting Venues
Awards 6-1 Suggestion From of Association Rewards/Punishments
6-2 Off-campus Competition Award
Property 7-1 Breakage Report Form for Association Properties
7-2 Application Form of Re-issuing Property Tags
Others 8-1 Affidavit on the Notes of Off-Campus Activities
8-2 Vehicle Rental Agreement
8-3 Application Form for Staying in the Association Offices after 23:30