Anti-Fraud Awareness

  • When receiving suspicious calls, keep the 3-step principle (listen, hang up, verify) in mind. Immediately end the call and dial the 165 Anti-Fraud Inquiry Hotline to avoid falling victim to the fraud attempt.
  • How to prevent fraud?
    • a. The Criminal Investigation Bureau of the National Police Agency under the Ministry of the Interior cooperates with Trend Micro on the antifraud service Dr. Message in hopes of uncovering all fraudsters and false information. We strongly recommend that you add its official Line account @Dr. Message for the system to automatically verify information as phishing messages, or fake shopping websites, Line IDs, and investment websites.
    • b. Install the Trend Micro @Dr. Message extension on your desktop and laptop web browsers and a warning message will pop up on your screen whenever you access a fake website.
    • c. Block scam messages, adjust security settings according to usage, disable iMessage if unused, and enable the spam block function on your Android system.
    • d. Remember the 3C principle:
      i. Calm down: Nothing in life is free. Do not let perpetrators feed on your greed and fear. Stay calm when you suspect fraud.
      ii. Check it out: Any messages about bank transfers, account changes, and passwords are likely fake. Verify with family members or relevant authorities as soon as possible to avoid falling for the scam.
      iii. Call 165: Seek help whenever a problem occurs. The Criminal Investigation Bureau’s 165 anti-fraud hotline will always be available for assistance.
  • What to do if you were scammed?
    Gather all relevant information about the fraud scheme and file a report in person at your local police station or online on the National Police Agency website where you can also track the status or progress of your case.