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Military education stems from an excellent education system where the Chinese tradition emphasizes both intellectual and military vigour. Military training is an important part of education in Taiwan. It is a vehicle to nurture national spirits, to encourage patriotism, to enhance military knowledge, to develop military spirits and arts and to develop team spirits. On the other hand, assistance in daily life issues enables students to develop characters, to form healthy life habits, and to empower students. The 24-hour around-the-clock attendance system helps to monitor activities, to maintain the peaceful environment at campus and to safeguard students so that students can learn and acquire competences in a pleasant and peaceful environment.

Military education is provided in accordance with the regulations set out by the Ministry of Education. The details, guidelines and implementations of military education at NCHU are defined at the outset of each academic year, and structured into an annual teaching plan, which covers curriculum benchmarks, allocation of job responsibilities, teaching groups, prior-class trial lectures and compilation of teaching materials.

Assistance in daily life issues is a focus area for the Division of Student Life, as well as an important part of military education. The main purpose is to help students to live up to their personal values and develop autonomy so that they can be well-rounded and eventually serve as the pillars of the society and the nation.


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