Student Associations SOP

Item Application Deadline Procedures/Regulations/Methods Application Form/Attached Documents
Establishment of Student Associations/Clubs The application is open from June 1 to 15 every year. If the application is approved by Association Review Committee, a “preparatory association” will be established . The preparatory association will be observed by the Extracurricular Activities Division for one year, and should submit the activities outcomes to the Extracurricular Activities Division during June 1 to 15 of the following year. After approval by the Association Review Committee, the association will be formally established after registration with the Extracurricular Activities Division.
Activities and Venues/Site The application shall be submitted two weeks before the activity. If there is any change after approval, a separate application shall be submitted in advance. The venues/site managed by the Division can be booked by logging onto NCHU Single Sign On System within 60 days before the activity. The activity list shall be printed within 3 days and sent to the Division for review (the venue can be rented for 7 consecutive days, including holidays).
For large-scale activities such as lectures, inter-school activities and school-wide activities, an "Activity Plan" shall be included in addition to this form.
Extracurricular Activities:
In addition to this form, the "Activity Plan" (including personnel list and activity itinerary), "Travel Safety Insurance Document (Photocopy)", and "Notes for Off-campus Activities" included in addition to this form.
If you want to rent a vehicle, you shall rent a legal tour bus and fill out the "Vehicle Rental Agreement (3 copies)". The driver and the company holder shall fill in the "Vehicle Safety Checklist" before the ride.
If a travel agency is entrusted to handle activities, the "Contract" formulated by the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications shall be attached.
Equipment The equipment of the Division shall only be used on the Division’s venues/sites. After the application of activities and venues/sites are approved, the application of borrowing the equipment shall be proceeded via NCHU Single Sign On System one week before the activity. After the application of activity and venue/site are approved, log in to NCHU Single Sign On System to borrow equipment, print the equipment list, and send it to the Division for review.
Write-off Application Applications for subsidies shall be submitted two weeks before the activity and shall be written off with receipts within one week after the end of the activity. Fill out the "Comprehensive Application Form" to apply for subsidies. Please bring the receipt or invoice and fill out the "Activity Results Form" to write-off
Outcomes Please fill in the form within one week after the activity Please log in to the NCHU Single Sign On System to fill in the association activity and passport record, print the Association Passport Registration Form, and send it to the Division for review
Evaluation Associations/Clubs Evaluation Please submit documents according to the implementation plan for association evaluation of each academic year
Competition Off-campus Competition Award Application Form for Off-campus Competition
Cleanliness Competition